Najaf Sanatorium

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The person who gets an opportunity to serve the Zaa'ir of Amir al Nehl Amir al Mumineen and Imam Husain is truly blessed by innumerous bounties. The epitome of which is to serve Syed al Zaereen Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, by whom our zyarat is accepted in haqeeqat. The Faiz here tries to make the best of that opportunity by providing the best facilities and infrastructure for the Zaa'ir which also enables the management to give their best.

The essence of which is a humble home for a Zaa'ir. He will feel at home away from home, such that all his energies can be focussed in obtaining maximum barakaat from the Haramain Sharifain. They can feel the barakat of Shi'ate Aliyin Homul Fai'zoon in the saya of Amirul Mumineen and Mufaddal Mola TUS.

Simplicity and humbleness is the key aspect to the design which is of course inspired from the lifestyle of Amirul Mumineen and Mufaddal Moula. A very simple, inclusive, and homely environment has been created, with a high focus on effective maintenance.

In response to the narrow rectangular plot - the focus has been to give privacy to each room and privacy to the urbanscape for our social activities. Hence the windows of all rooms are designed and self-contained in such a way that no future construction on the adjacent plots will affect its privacy. The two'Y' - shaped buildings optimize on the available resources and the requirements of a humble home. Within the centre of these two buildings is the heart of our social space which is veiled by a two storeyed double vaulted arcade also acting as a visual and sound barrier.

The urban spaces have been given the prime focus such that in addition to the Zaa'ir's private bedroom, he has a living room: lobby on each floor, an extended living room: reception of each building with multi-functional spaces and public living room which is the courtyards and the gardens spread around the site with various levels of privacy. And to top it all, the opportunity for the Zaa'ir to take maximum barakaat when Amir al Nehl Mufaddal Mola will bless everyone with his presence, is thoroughly thought off. This city within a city opens the door to the necessities of the world at its gate building, by having a multi-functional reception and a Souq.

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