ALJAMEA tus saifiyah campus

Nairobi, Kenya

In Nairobi, Kenya, a competition-winning design for a new 12-acre Islamic university campus was successfully executed, encompassing both master-planning and architecture.

Project Description:

The extensive campus features 18 buildings, totaling approximately 915,000 square feet of new construction. Diverse typologies, including a library, classroom buildings, administrative structures, student residences, a mosque, and various religious assembly halls, contribute to the comprehensive layout. The architectural language skillfully blends modern and traditional Islamic design elements, with careful consideration given to the orientation of buildings in relation to Mecca and the equatorial sun. A seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces characterizes the campus, complemented by the integration of each building with landscaped courtyards and gardens. The project involved collaboration with US-based firms, including MEP design by Dagher Engineering, and was transitioned to a local team at the 30% Design Development phase for completion of contract documents and construction management. Currently, the construction of the campus is in progress, and Romines, in collaboration with FXFOWLE, provided design and construction administration services until the project’s completion in 2017.